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Suisun City Business of the Year: The Lessler Group

Suisun City Business of the Year: The Lessler Group

Steve Lessler considers himself a matchmaker of sorts. As the owner and sole employee of Suisun City’s Business of the Year, The Lessler Group, he spends his days traveling Solano County and connecting like-minded people and organizations with one another. However, unlike a traditional matchmaker, […]

Steve Lessler Wins K.I. Jones Award at the Buzz Awards

Steve Lessler Wins K.I. Jones Award at the Buzz Awards

K.I. JONES AWARD CRITERIA This award is presented to an individual in the Fairfield-Suisun area who has, over a period of time: Donated time and effort to the Fairfield-Suisun Chamber Makes noteworthy accomplishment(s); Exhibited outstanding initiative, inspiration, leadership, and organizational skills which produce significant results […]

Councilman’s Group Assists Local Business Owners

Councilman’s Group Assists Local Business Owners

FAIRFIELD — Being on the City Council may yield power and influence, but it doesn’t pay the bills.

No worry for Councilman Steve Lessler. Several local businesses have already ponied up for what he’s offering through the business-development company he recently put together, aptly called The Lessler Group.

So how does he generate business for his clients?

Lessler explained.”I go out and talk to businesses throughout the community, and I present them the services my clients have to offer. I talk to the companies about what their needs are,” he said. “It’s been very well received. Companies have been calling me up saying, ‘I need. Find me something.’ And I do.”

In other words, Lessler sells the services of service providers, in effect acting as an in-house marketing department while providing a free service to businesses which need the services of his paying clients. If they need services not represented in his client portfolio, he’ll find companies that do, he said.

In short, Lessler aspires to be Mr. Service.

Of course, the possibility for conflicts of interest is great with his position on the council, which he will pursue again in the next election. For that reason, he runs all his clients past the city attorney just to be safe, he said.”

I always err on the side of caution for the business community,” he said. “If it doesn’t feel right, I won’t do it.”

Some types of business simply present too many possibilities for conflicting interests. As a council member, Lessler likely would have to vote on approving a project of one of his clients if they were in commercial real estate, for instance.”

That’s the most likely for a conflict, and that’s an area I’m avoiding,” he said.The business has already enjoyed success in its first month of operation, adding three clients in June alone, he said.

Owner of Express Personnel Services, Rosa Phillips spoke of the value her business has received in the short time as a Lessler client.

” He’s the reason I’m so busy,” she said. “I am just so impressed. He has an excellent concept.”

For Fairfield’s Credit Bureau Associates, Lessler has expanded its marketing vision, going after larger customers in Northern California, well outside of its previous territory of Solano County, owner Kathy Parsons said.

” Sales people have a tendency to go back to the friendliest customer instead of testing new waters. He’s helped the sales people look at the larger picture,” she said.

Despite her initial success with Lessler, Parsons isn’t sure whether she will renew the six-month contract with The Lessler Group when it expires. While his service has “re-energized” her sales staff, the increased fees Lessler recently contacted her about might cause her to assess whether using him on a six-month basis every two years or so would work just as well.

” That’s what I am looking at. It’s like a shot in the arm,” she said.

Just starting out, Lessler wasn’t sure about the amount of time he’d spend working for a client, and once he got into it wound up spending a bit more, Phillips explained.

” In a couple of months I have seen the value to pay him a bit more,” she added.

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Steve Lessler’s New Business is Finding a Niche Among Area Firms

Steve Lessler’s New Business is Finding a Niche Among Area Firms

Matching The Best With The Best! Steve Lessler knew how to develop client relationships so when he started a business in April he based the firm on that ability. But he’s not the typical marketing representative working for one firm. The Lessler Group has a […]

Ex-Fairfield Councilman Develops Niche Business

Ex-Fairfield Councilman Develops Niche Business

Steve Lessler has more time than he’d expected to build his niche business-to-business enterprise based in Solano County’s fast-growing Interstate 80 corridor. He started The Lessler Group last year to match “best of class” area providers with companies and government agencies in need of virtually […]

Ten Questions


Name: Steve Lessler • Business: The Lessler Group • Address: 1119 Park Lane, Suisun City • Employees: None • Phone: 688-5713 • E-mail: • Web site: • Opened: April 2001

1. Why did you feel there was a need for your type of consulting company in Solano County?
There was a need to open doors for local service providers that are competing against larger Bay Area businesses. We are the resource that brings them together, and it has proved to be a success.

2. What was your sense of the business community?
Solano County has a very healthy business community. And although I see a steady increase in the number and sophistication of businesses here, there is not enough emphasis placed on “doing business locally.” This can actually slow our local business community down when dollars leave the area.

3. What challenges did you face to get started?
The only challenge was defining my own niche. After that, it has been well received by both clients and customers.

4. What strategy did you use to attract clients?
I had spent many years in public service and the name recognition and reputation helped. I have always been active in the local chambers of commerce, as well as Solano Economic Development Corp., and these associations brought very positive responses from potential clients as well.

5. How did your professional background prepare you for The Lessler Group?
I worked for 22 years in the field of logistics and have an MBA with that emphasis. From that, and roles in public office, I was introduced to the business community which opened communications regarding potential business needs.

6. Why did you choose Suisun City as the base for your company?
The “live/work” community established in the newly redeveloped downtown was the draw. It allowed me to work close to home to say the least, and it is central to the rest of Solano County. I drive to the customers’ locations for almost all meetings, so this was critical in the location of an office.

7. Share an experience that has surprised you as a business owner.
I’m always surprised when customers do not understand the value of using local service providers. Money is multiplied many times when generated locally and then re-circulated again and again in our region through payroll, goods and services. If money leaves the region, it generally does not return.

8. Do you have plans to expand or add staff?
I have no staffing plans presently but have considered expansion. Time will tell how this plays out, but no matter what happens, our commitment is and will remain in Solano County.

9. Where do you see your company in five years?
I wish I had that crystal ball. The Lessler Group will definitely continue in its present form and most emphatically strengthen our reputation as the premier “business to business” development company in Solano County.

10. Finish this sentence: With The Lessler Group businesses can . . .
Expect to receive professional and ethical service from all clients, maximum exposure with decision makers and target customers throughout Solano County.

By: Ines Bebea | Daily Republic at 427-6934 or ibebea@dailyrepublic.