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Steve Lessler’s New Business is Finding a Niche Among Area Firms

Matching The Best With The Best!
Steve Lessler knew how to develop client relationships so when he started a business in April he based the firm on that ability. But he’s not the typical marketing representative working for one firm. The Lessler Group has a different concept.

Here’s how it works: Let’s say a business needs to hire a temporary worker. Lessler is offering Ñ for free Ñ to research temporary personnel firms and make a recommendation on one of the best providers.

So, how does he pay the bills?

His clients pay a monthly retainer.

Lessler has 13 clients and each of them is a business in a different service sector. For example, he has one commercial real estate firm as a client.

Lessler said it is important to not have overlap in services among his clients. He will only have one bank as a client and one design service, for example.

“If you end up doing your reference checks and interviewing companies, the company that’s my client will be in the top group,” Lessler said. “They represent me well. They represent themselves well.”

The concept appears to be working. Within three months, he had met his one year goal for the business in terms of the number of clients.

Lessler thinks of himself as another line in the advertising or marketing budget for these firms.

Steve Garson, owner of Garson Design Services in Fairfield admits he was hesitant at first but said Lessler was insistent on signing on the firm. But Garson signed up because he said Lessler had a solid reputation in Fairfield. “We’d never done something like this before,” Garson said. “But when you’re not a large firm, you’ve got to try different things.”

The result has been overwhelming at times. “He’s been able to get us in to larger companies, right to the head person,” Garson said.

At first, the results were slow, then the leads starting coming in and just wouldn’t stop. Garson has asked Lessler to back off at times so the business can catch up.

Doyle Wiseman, owner of The Wiseman Company, a commercial real estate firm in Suisun City, decided to retain The Lessler Group to bolster the firm’s broad-based marketing strategy.

Wiseman said a good portion of his firm’s business is in networking so that when a firm thinks of relocating its office within the county, the owners think of moving to one of the office buildings owned by The Wiseman Company. The firm has retained Lessler for one monthso far.

“This is new to him also but we wanted to get in with him at this early stage,” said Kirk Hull, broker at The Wiseman Company.

Some have called Lessler a matchmaker because he matching businesses with businesses, much like business networking groups LeTip or BNI. However, Lessler is quick to point out that he only meets with decision makers or heads of companies in his business to make a pitch. Plus doesn’t work on a commission base.

“I’ve inundated (my clients) with business. One of these companies has had to hire one full-time person to handle the business I bring them,” Lessler said.

He’s also quick to point out that, as a city councilman, he will always choose the side of caution and abstain from voting that may affect his clients.

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