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Steve Lessler, President

Ten Questions


Name: Steve Lessler • Business: The Lessler Group • Address: 1119 Park Lane, Suisun City • Employees: None • Phone: 688-5713 • E-mail: • Web site: • Opened: April 2001

1. Why did you feel there was a need for your type of consulting company in Solano County?
There was a need to open doors for local service providers that are competing against larger Bay Area businesses. We are the resource that brings them together, and it has proved to be a success.

2. What was your sense of the business community?
Solano County has a very healthy business community. And although I see a steady increase in the number and sophistication of businesses here, there is not enough emphasis placed on “doing business locally.” This can actually slow our local business community down when dollars leave the area.

3. What challenges did you face to get started?
The only challenge was defining my own niche. After that, it has been well received by both clients and customers.

4. What strategy did you use to attract clients?
I had spent many years in public service and the name recognition and reputation helped. I have always been active in the local chambers of commerce, as well as Solano Economic Development Corp., and these associations brought very positive responses from potential clients as well.

5. How did your professional background prepare you for The Lessler Group?
I worked for 22 years in the field of logistics and have an MBA with that emphasis. From that, and roles in public office, I was introduced to the business community which opened communications regarding potential business needs.

6. Why did you choose Suisun City as the base for your company?
The “live/work” community established in the newly redeveloped downtown was the draw. It allowed me to work close to home to say the least, and it is central to the rest of Solano County. I drive to the customers’ locations for almost all meetings, so this was critical in the location of an office.

7. Share an experience that has surprised you as a business owner.
I’m always surprised when customers do not understand the value of using local service providers. Money is multiplied many times when generated locally and then re-circulated again and again in our region through payroll, goods and services. If money leaves the region, it generally does not return.

8. Do you have plans to expand or add staff?
I have no staffing plans presently but have considered expansion. Time will tell how this plays out, but no matter what happens, our commitment is and will remain in Solano County.

9. Where do you see your company in five years?
I wish I had that crystal ball. The Lessler Group will definitely continue in its present form and most emphatically strengthen our reputation as the premier “business to business” development company in Solano County.

10. Finish this sentence: With The Lessler Group businesses can . . .
Expect to receive professional and ethical service from all clients, maximum exposure with decision makers and target customers throughout Solano County.

By: Ines Bebea | Daily Republic at 427-6934 or ibebea@dailyrepublic.